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About Our Partners

Ethnē Health

Ethnē Health (recipient of 3rd quarter 2021, 2nd quarter 2020 and 4th quarter 2019 funds)

The folks at Ethne health have been going above and beyond in their care for the refugees in their community during this pandemic.


They are working closely with city government and local non-profits to ensure pertinent information gets translated and out to the residents of Clarkston. They work with religious and other leaders of the predominant cultural groups to get the word out about the effectiveness of social distancing and what to do if you get sick. They work to find creative solutions for getting supplies and testing kits. They work with other local non profits to ensure any patient advised to self-quarantine or isolate has food delivered to their home! These folks are not just medical professionals- they are neighbors who love their community well.


Watch their video below to learn more about how they serve the refugee community in Clarkston, GA.


Jolly Avenue Garden (2nd quarter 2020 Partner)

The mission of Jolly Garden is to provide refugee gardeners space to grow their own food and to provide nutrition education.


The goal of this community garden is to give refugees the opportunity to produce their own food while also serving as an important gathering place in the community. More than 100 families rent garden plots every year, allowing generations of individuals to grow fruits and vegetables and pass down valuable lessons. The greenhouse serves as a living classroom where refugee youth are introduced to STEM curriculum, as well as nutrition and agriculture, through a variety of growing methodologies (aquaponics, hydroponics and permaculture).




No Place Like Home (1st quarter 2020 Partner)

The mission of NPLH is Provide critical aid items to vulnerable displaced families seeking refuge in Greece.


Through partnerships with the local community and organizations abroad, No Place Like Home facilitates the delivery of basic aid to refugees who are actively moving or living in temporary accommodations in Europe and beyond. Further support is provided through the sale of handmade goods and artwork created within the communities served.  Last but not least, the organization offers educational content to break down informational barriers that prevent us from doing all that we can to help. Through education, we can shift public sentiment and policy into opening our hearts, our arms, our communities to the forcibly displaced.


Embrace Refugee Birth Support (recipient of 4th quarter 2020 funds)

The mission of Embrace is to support, advocate for and educate refugees throughout the pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience.

Embrace works to educate, advocate, as well as empower refugees through the maternal process. They offer courses for refugees that provide an overview of what they will encounter during their pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience in the United States. They pair trained volunteers with a refugee mother to journey alongside her as an advocate, helper, and most importantly, a friend. They also train local refugee women to serve as childbirth assistants and educators within their ethnic communities. Learn more about their services and the community they serve by visiting their website below.




Clarkston Economic Relief Fund (recipient of 3rd quarter 2020 funds)

This collaborative community initiative works hard to serve the very diverse people of Clarkston, GA by offering emergency funds to families at risk of losing their housing due to COVID-19.


One of the things that make Clarkston, GA special is how its neighbors look out for each other. It is not a perfect city, but it is filled with stories that inspire and encourage us to find ways to work together when times get tough.

And times are tough. As of May, 2020, hundreds of thousands of Georgians had lost income due to COVID-19 and families who were already living paycheck to paycheck are now months behind on their rent, and often struggling to navigate a complex and under-resourced unemployment system. The Clarkston Area Economic Relief Fund is an emergency alliance of community members and non-profits who want to make sure families are able to keep their housing. Every family helped is connected to services to help with food, navigating unemployment, and finding new jobs if needed.

Want to learn more? Grab you a cup of good coffee, and watch this video!

One Happy Family

One Happy Family (recipient of 1st quarter 2020 funds)

There are currently thousands of refugees stuck on the Greek Island of Lesvos, living in and around an overcrowded refugee camp, awaiting their legal proceedings to be able to move elsewhere. One Happy Family @ohfcommunitycenter is a community center on Lesvos, that welcomes several hundred people every day. They aim to give a measure of dignity and self-determination back to the refugees on Lesvos.


100% of the proceeds from each coffee purchase goes to trusted refugee organizations serving refugees in Clarkston, GA and all over the world!


Check back often to see our ever-changing line-up of delicious roasts and to get updates on the aid work that is being supported by your choice to drink Route 78 Coffee.

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