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What is a Refugee?

Someone who has fled their home due to war, violence, conflict or persecution and has crossed an international border to find safety in another country.


Refugees are defined and protected in international law.

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How many Refugees?

Current data puts the numbers of refugees worldwide around 26 million. When the number of people who are displaced within the borders of their own country are added, the number is a staggering 79.5 million people forced to flee their homes.


Who takes care of

26 million Refugees?

1.) The country to which a refugee flees

  • If the host country is a member of the 1951 Refugee Convention, they are obligated to protect refugees on their land.


2.) The UN agency UNHCR 

  • This agency ensures international laws are being followed, determines refugee status of individuals, and supplies resources for refugees. It also collects and analyses data on forced displacement and publishes it annually. 

3.) NGOS/ Non-Profits

  • Many organizations-- large and small-- around the world step in to provide for refugees' physical, mental, and legal needs; these groups rely largely on private donations to accomplish their missions. 

* Route 78 Coffee Co. does not endorse every organization on this list. It is provided as a reference to our customers to learn about those working in refugee care. Please do your own research before donating to any non-profit.

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The Mediterranean 


Each year, thousands of refugees arrive in Europe by sea. In 2020, the total number who arrived in Italy, Greece, Spain, Cyprus, and Malta via the Mediterranean was 95, 031. Over 1,000 deaths were recorded that year.

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